I’m a tech exec, innovator and entrepreneur with a passion to disrupt

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In the past 20 years, I was part of the most groundbreaking innovations while working with leading companies such as Logitech, Qualcomm, Samsung, Faurecia and iRobot, as well as several amazing startups.

I believe that Open-Innovation, combined with Silicon Valley’s venture funding model, are great models to catalyst disruption.

I also believe in gender and cultural diversity and worked across diverse countries and cultures.


Crafting, and maintaining complex product roadmaps.

Bridging technology-to-market gaps.

Building, leading, and growing product and technical teams.

Defining business models that protect and allow to monetize innovations.



Product and Technology Strategy: seasoned software and electronic’s experience across company sizes and verticals (consumer electronics, IoT, medical, robotics, transportation).

Innovation: led technology de-risking, scaling, and positioning for several disruptive B2B and B2C opportunities. An inventor at heart.

Execution: track record in meeting deadlines, containing cost, combining technological domains and corporate cultures.

Entrepreneurship: contributor, founder, Board Member.


Cum Laude” PhD Thesis and IEEE senior member.

More than 20 patents, a dozen scientific publications, book author.

Several mass-produced consumer products and software solutions.

Many “Firsts”: First megapixel USB webcam. First solid-state digital camcorder. First Android TV hardware. First integrated drone platform. First fully disposable endoscope. First smart “ad-skipping” system for car audio. Etc…